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The Love and Joy of Movement and Stillness in Yoga and Healing
Yoga retreat teacher James Jewell

I became initiated into Yoga and the Healing Arts of Reflexology and Massage in the late eighties, whilst suffering with a prolonged period of illness.

Having qualified by 1992. I became a busy Health practitioner with my own clinic.Later becoming an Inner Yoga teacher, under the guidance of Jenny Beeken. The love of yoga and how it can transform people’s lives led me to train further within this school, so that I could help on their 3-year teacher training programmes around England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland.

In 2004, I followed my heart and moved to Andalucia, Spain – seeking more of an outdoors climate, adventure, another language and culture…… and more mountains and sea in my life!
I still reside here with my family, living nestled on a mountain side, just outside a beautiful, little, white Andalucian village, near Marbella.

Other strong influences on my yoga teaching have come originally from the Viniyoga, Scaravelli, Yin, Vinyasa and Feldenkrais traditions. More generally from many other spiritual texts and teachers from around the world, and of course not to forget the myriad of people, and animals that grace everyday life.

Mother Nature Herself continues to inspire me daily with her beauty and intricate simplicity. I feel strongly, that to be in touch with Her, in all Her Diverse Beauty,  is a healing in its own right. She reminds us of the natural rhythm of life and thus has the power to reconnect us to our own true nature. This expands our vision out from the restricting limits we alone have set around our own minds and lives. Thus all the retreats offered are held within beautiful, natural surroundings.

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Intention & Style


Love is the base, fabric and essence of life. Through our Hearts and our Hearts alone, we realize this truth. Yoga is one way into our Hearts to cultivate a path with love. And as Love itself, Yoga is for everyone and anyone and is not limited to any particular body type, age or set of beliefs.

My intention as a teacher is to provide an explorative environment where loving kindness can prevail, both to ourselves, our fellow companions (and life itself). Safe, enjoyable and at times creatively, playfully fun –  where our natural, joyful movement, as nature intended, can be reclaimed. I use an intuitive approach whereby the teaching can be adapted to suit the person/group. I like to be as creative as possible to encourage, stimulate and deepen the practice and self enquiry. Small sensory movements are often practiced to heighten awareness, prepare and kneed the body, like dough -before entering other more classical postures. As such the rhythm of a session can vary enormously – sometimes with flowing sequences, other times with long-held postures and always with self-reflecting meditations and relaxations to heal and merge personal with universal. Sometimes partner work too is practiced to give, receive, learn from and appreciate the experience with others.

You do not need to be able to do headstands, shoulderstands, handstands or advanced back bends to come along and participate on the courses!

Rather I am far more interested in the quality of experience brought to each person’s  journey rather than the attainment of any physical posture. While any session may contain some more “challenging” postures, everyone is always given alternative options so that they can practice safely and wisely.

This is an integral part of the practice, one in which everyone is always encouraged to dive within themselves – to feel, question, listen and explore. Hence discovering the deep, deep springs of wisdom, energy and creativity always lying there within. To remember and realise this truth and follow the direction of self reliance and self responsibility. You are, in truth, the only person who can perceive what is happening inside you! Awareness to this truth is to then consciously walk the path of freedom through our lives.

James Jewell yoga teacher

What people have said this year...


“We left Suleyman Gardens a week ago, and I have taken this past week to reflect and let the experience sink in 🙂

Slowly I feel like I am starting to reap the fruits of all the yoga that we did and  truly notice the intrinsic effects and benefits.

Thank you for all of your teachings, guidance, presence, love, care, attention and humor!

I savoured every moment of the Retreat.

I feel very light, and at the same time so strong.

James, you did an amazing job holding the group, and its energy.  Thank you!”

T  . Teacher.     Amsterdam

“Wow , what a great week we have all had . My first retreat and certainly not my last . 

It’s been such a positive experience for me , I feel completely rested and recharged.

Not sure if that was down to the G&T or yoga & meditation or maybe both ! 

I’m planning on trying to practise meditation , I know it’s not going to happen over night but for now I will persevere . 

Lots of love , peace and hugs “

Nicki x  UK

“Thanks so much for the wonderful week at Sulyeman’s ‘Garden of Eden’.  It was such a special place with a truly gorgeous garden; lush, verdant, bountiful and spiritually uplifting. We both loved it. 

I noticed that you have already mentioned ‘returning to Sulyeman’s’ on your website for 2018. Please can you put our names down?!

Thank you also for the great yoga classes and for all your help and encouragement in assisting us to make the most of what we have, and to better understand that we can indeed improve our health and wellbeing. 

All the very best for the future – until the next retreat.”

Anne-Louise xxx UK


“I look back on an absolutely wonderful week in Suleyman’s Garden.

I am continuing with yoga in Amsterdam with a great teacher in a beautiful place in Vondelpark, but it’s not easy to match the smell of the lemon and apricot trees around us and the view of the sea as well as your kind and pertinent guidance during the classes.

It was so inspiring to meet all of you and now we share the fond memories of a week in Turkish paradise 🙂

Take care and all the best wishes,”

Dafne, Holland

0034 628 442438

Ojen (in the mountains), 29610

Nr. Marbella

Malaga, Spain

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