James Jewell

The Love and Joy of Movement and Stillness

James Jewell

Welcome to Yoga teacher James Jewell’s unique teaching style.  He specialises in both week long yoga retreats, yoga holidays in Spain, Europe and weekend yoga retreats in the UK.  These retreats have been attracting people  from around the world for over the last 16 years, the vast majority returning again and again – also to be able to enjoy his  guided Yoga Nidra deep relaxation meditations.

For 2015, both of the European yoga centres are recommended in Taschen’s famous Great Yoga Retreats guide. We return for the second time to the gentle, rolling hills of In Sabina Yoga retreat, Italy and for the twelfth year running, to Molino del Rey yoga holiday centre  Andalucia, Spain.  Finally, it is exciting to be going to a new venue for the  UK weekend retreat at Tilton house, East Sussex in September.

 Scroll down a bit to read a mail sent after the last course, that expresses the spirit and essence of these times together. Read and see more of what other yoga holiday and retreat participants  have shared  from last year and also from our last 9 day retreat held on the beautiful Kenyan island of Lamu, November 2013.

Also you can find out about the local Yoga classes in Marbella, Ojen and Fuengirola, Andalucia.

The Healing Arts of Reflexology Massage practiced for over 20 years now.

Some shared words for reflection and meditation here

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Thank you so much for a wonderful time at Molino – learning to teach has opened my eyes to the art of what great teachers do.  I am so glad I discovered your work and have been able to meet the lovely people you attract to your retreats.

And now the Abbey to look forward to!

Lorraine xx

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Molino del Rey

7-13th June 2015.  Just 3 places left

26th July – 2nd August 2015. –  6 places left – Molino del Rey yoga holiday, Andalucia.

In Sabina deck

4-11th July 2015. In sabina, yoga retreat Italy

Full…please email if you would like to go on waiting list

Molino del Rey studio

7-13th June 2015.   – only 3 places left

26th July – 2nd August 2015. – 6 places left – Molino del Rey yoga retreat, Andalucia. 

Reflexology massage

The Guest House

Darling, the body is like a guest house;
every morning someone new arrives.
Don’t say, “O, another weight around my neck!”
or your guest will fly back to nothingness.
Whatever enters your heart is a guest
from the invisible world: entertain it well…………


Tilton house

4-6th September 2015. Tilton House weekend yoga retreat,East Sussex, Uk. 

Full, but please email us for waiting list, in case of  cancellations.

Lamu beach

We went back to the beautiful Kenyan island, Lamu for a fabulous 10 day yoga retreat in November for a fabulous 9 day retreat. Click here to see more photos and comments. Maybe returning in 2016, let us know if you are interested?

Thank you james for a wonderful retreat!

I carry the experience around with me, safe and strong and a reminder of the how I can feel and be even when not in a beautiful place and on a yoga retreat. The peace, acceptance and wonderful stillness of the meditation alongside the physical yoga practice has a ‘gathering up of myself’ effect, if that makes sense? I am restored. Sharing this in a group is a pleasure and it’s great for Pete and I to experience together too.

Thanks for the words you’ve shared. They will be good to look back on in a few weeks when the distance has grown and normal life is back in full flow.

You bring so much to the sessions……


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Autumn Abbey

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