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Welcome to this website, which will give you a taste of  James Jewell’s unique yoga based movement and stillness teaching style. Here you will find a selection of retreats/holidays that are offered for 2014, and that have been attracting people  from around the world for over the last 15 years, the vast majority returning again and again. Scroll down a bit to read a mail sent after the last course, that expresses the spirit and essence of these times together. Read more of what other participants  have shared and maybe peruse through some pictures and other comments from our last 9 day retreat held on the beautiful Kenyan island of Lamu in November. This year, due to family reasons, the weekly retreats will be offered closer by, here in Andalucia, Spain.

Also you can find out about local weekly and individual classes  held around here on this Andalucian coast.

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Hi all!!!!!!!!

 Well I guess I win the medal for the most ridiculously late to write.

This does not however in any way reflect the way I feel about all of you and the amazingly special time we shared together in Lamu (more reflective of my less than favorable feelings towards sitting down in front of a computer and trying to put words together in the hope that I can in some way express my feelings as beautifully as you all did in your emails).

It really was such a special week and it was such a joy to meet you all and share such an amazing experience together. Spending countless hours during meals and between yoga sessions talking and sharing thoughts, ideas and experiences and getting to know you all, in itself made the week a truly exceptional one. Not to mention how wonderful it was to share the yoga, meditation and other activities with such a beautiful group of people.

James the yoga and meditations were truly transformative and your kind, loving and playful nature made all the classes, though sometimes challenging, always a joy. You reinvigorated my passion for yoga and meditation. The only challenge now is finding a teacher in Australia that can live up to the exceedingly high standards you have set :)

Gilles, thank-you so much for sharing your very special place with us. It really is a paradise and the perfect setting for such a beautiful retreat.

Jo and Pete, I was very sad that I did not say bye to you both properly. In my rush to get my things together and down to the dock I had not realized you were not joining us to the boat and ran off in such a hurry. Luckily however it looks like I´ll be getting another chance! I believe we will be seeing you in a few months in Andalucia!!!

I miss you all terribly and really hope our paths will cross in the not too distant future.

Until then I wish you all the very best.

Lots of love and hugs,

Jean xoxo Australia

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Sutton Courtney Abbey

 29th-31st August 2014. The Abbey, Nr. Oxford

2 rooms just come up due to cancelation! Please email for details

Lamu beach

We went back to the beautiful Kenyan island, Lamu in November for a fabulous 9 day retreat. Click here to see more photos and comments.

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“O friend, understand:

the body is like the ocean,

rich with hidden treasures………….”


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Molino del Rey

 22nd-28th June 2014.  Molino del Rey, Andalucia. Provisionally full, please email to check

Molino del Rey studio

27th July – 3rd August 2014.  Molino del Rey, Andalucia. Provisionally full! Email to double-check. Thank you.

An enlightening  poem I have been sharing on our courses this year, from Ian Adams, with whom I work on their Stillpoint retreats in the UK. It says it all…..

In this stillness ©Ian Adams ‘Running Over Rocks’ (Canterbury Press) 2013

In this stillness

I discover so much noise.

Most of it is mine -

a box of jagged lines

a teeming tangle of connections

and disconnections, a snarl of anxieties

a barely tethered storm fed

by fears and wounds I thought long bled dry.

But I need to remain here on this mat……..

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Ian Adams ©Ian Adams ‘Running Over Rocks’ (Canterbury Press) 2013

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